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Blog Author: Liza Lindeque

Slnko Zinc recently had the privilege to visit Bali and what an epic destination this is.  The pictures and surfers tales of “sick waves” simply don’t do it justice. The island of Bali is certainly one of the world’s most beautiful getaways.  It feels like the sun never sets on the island and you can enjoy the ocean for hours.  No wonder there are around 3.2 million people visiting Bali each year.

Having said that, sunburn can easily ruin your Bali vacation.  However, the simple application of Slnko Zinc, a broad-spectrum sun protection cream, can forestall the agony of UV burned skin.  A broad-spectrum sun protection cream is important for an island as close to the equator as Bali.  Those UV rays reach your skin in a much shorter time than when you’re in areas like Europe.  There’s also less variation in UV intensity all year round, so you need to put on Slnko Zinc whatever time of year you decide to visit Bali.

Speaking of sun and surf, there’s plenty to do for everyone on the island.  If you’re a surfer, spots like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Impossibles will keep you busy for hours.  If you’re traveling with your family, the kids will love the coral rock pools and strange island creatures that roam around freely.  Feeling more adventurous, then the local markets and hiking trails will keep you busy.  For those of you who enjoy different cultures, here is something I’m sure you didn’t know about the Balinese.  They usually have one of the following names:  Wayan, Made, Nyaman or Ketut.  These names simply mean Firstborn, Second born, Third born and Fourth born.  It doesn’t matter whether the child is a boy or a girl!

So that’s Bali in a nutshell.  Put it on your Bucket List and don’t forget to take your Slnko Zinc so that you can play outdoors for longer!


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