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Neon is back this summer! In full blast! We Bring you Slnko Neon Zinc for your face and Body.

This tube is all about having the ultimate amount of fun, in and out of the water, day or night.

Neon is back this summer.

Wondering what to do with Neon Zinc? Slnko took the Zinc game a little further.

We like the whole idea of putting neon stripes on your faces but more than that we started playing with the idea of drawing fun pictures on our bodies.

We took it even further and decided to make this Neon Slnko Zinc a Luminous Zinc.

So next time you go out to a party, we will be there protecting you against the harmful sun…. and when that sun sets and the Blue and Black Lights come on, you will be lighting up.

Yes you heard me right; your Slnko Zinc will perform under a UV light, it will bring your body and all your art to light.

So whether you are in the waves or at the next tomorrow land party, we will be there helping you have fun in the sun…. and out of it.

Be creative!

Send us your pictures with Slnko Zinc, we want to see how you have fun with it, get creative.

And at only R99 per 50ml tube, the price will allow you to get all the colors you want.

But wait… there is more.

You know the awful smell that goes with Zinc Oxide? We got rid of that. Instead your new Slnko Zinc will smell like summer. Imagine a combination of Lime Trees and Coconut Oil! That is Slnko Zinc for you.

Get out there and get creative. You can buy Slnko at any major Surf Shop or shop online on www.slnkolife.com

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