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Put SLNKO Zinc on and go outside!

Get outdoors – It’s crucial to your health.

As we have just passed the Equinox on the 21st June, the countdown to Summer is now on! The outdoors beckons. Heed that call and you’ll reap physical and mental health benefits.



Wild and Crazy Kids Love Colour.

Kids Love Color!

Color is back, whether you are a black and white personality or consider yourself conservative, there is no more hiding away from colour.

This summer marks the beginning of a Colour Celebration like you have never seen it before.

There are more and more colour festivals popping up in every town around the world, and Slnko is right there to join in the fun.


Kids love colour – Why choose Slnko Neon Colours

Slnko Zinc is part of this celebration of colour and gives you a choice of 4 Neon colors to brighten your world.

You can now wear any of the  4 Neon Colors to your next party and while you will be protected during the day, we will make sure you don’t go unnoticed at night with our luminous pigment that will light up under those lights as soon as the sun sets.

This is a fun element that has not been seen before. We promise heaps and heaps of fun with Slnko, Celebrating all the colors of the rainbow.

Watch some of us Celebrating color in Lisboa at the Electric Colors Festival


Kids love colour – 100% natural

So if you are a colour hippie and want to do something different at your next colour celebration, get your tube of Slnko Neon zinc now.

Colour Hippies all over the world have joined this celebration of colour; we see them from Utah to Lisboa, Africa and Australia.

The powder you use at these Festivals are 100% natural (most of the time in anyway)a good reason to combine this with an all-natural Sun Protection.

Slnko Zinc is also free of all Parabens, the perfect alternative for colour fanatics with Sensitive Skin or Allergies.



You can purchase any colour zinc right here. Make sure you have all the right colours and when you are done with having fun with our Neon Zinc, you can simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.


For Any Questions on Slnko Zinc, click here or if you simply want to chat to us mail us here.





Why choose Zinc Oxide over normal sunscreen

Using contemporary Sunscreens may protect you against some of  the harmful rays of the sun, but exactly how much of the sun is it blocking out?

We measured Zinc Oxide against a conventional Sunscreen and would like to share our findings. more



This weekend was a double whammy for Slnko Life.

Not only did we launch the long awaited Neon Zinc Block Out, but Slnko Zinc also got a first prize in the Ice Block Long-haul Inflatable Boat Race held at the Emerald Casino in Vanderbijlpark.

Inflatable Boat Race

Team Slnko was represented by Stefan Lindeque and Tony Ingram, both 3 x World Champions in their division.

We are proud to have them on our team, holding the Slnko Banner high! Watch out for these two at this year’s Trans Agulhas 2014 where you will see Slnko competing in the world’s toughest inflatable boat race!

Slnko Launch: Neon is Back Baby!

Neon Zinc was huge in the 80’s and most of us remember Allan Donald with his green nose giving a great performance.

Well, the Neon is back and so is Neon Zinc.

With summer in the US, Kids have taken to this new craze.

We wanted to bring you this and more, so we added Luminous Pigment and now your Slnko Neon Zinc will glow under those UV lights.

This is the perfect accessory for your next party while you wait for summer to arrive.

Slnko Launch: Let the countdown to summer begin!

This Saturday we celebrate Equinox; this is the countdown to summer. Every morning when you awake to a bright new day, the day will be longer and the night will be shorter.

I don’t know about you, but this lifts my spirit just thinking that I am in the countdown to summer.

Slnko Launch: A surprise for you in your Slnko Zinc!

You know how bad Zinc Oxide smells? Not to worry, we have fragranced Slnko Zinc with a lovely Fragrance that smells like summer.

We are really proud to bring you a product that helps you play outdoors for longer while protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the African Sun.

It is so much more than just wearing boring old sunscreen.

It’s a total Block Out so cover up and remember to have some fun in the sun!





Tomorrowland is here!

The Biggest party of the decade is back, and it is in Cape Town South Africa.

Definitely the biggest dance music festival in the world! Festival Tomorrowland 2014 offers two July weekends of music madness and the Tomorrowland 2014 line-up will feature unbelievable music artists and DJ’s for everyone attending.




Neon is back this summer! In full blast! We Bring you Slnko Neon Zinc for your face and Body.

This tube is all about having the ultimate amount of fun, in and out of the water, day or night.

Neon is back this summer. more